Month: July 2009

I Feel Spiritually Wealthy – Do You? By guest blogger Kimberly Weichel

Quick Spiritual Makeover for Dreadful Jobs (or Lack Thereof)

With spirit, you can make over any stressful task into one that’s less stressful and more likely to lead to satisfying results or yourself and others.

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The Simple, Often Ignored Spiritual Truth that Could Save Our Economy, Many Jobs and Sometimes Our Lives

Integrity, our most powerful spiritual principle, has amazing benefits for our work, economy, and lives.

Ancient Prayers for Today’s Workday Challenges

Workdays may have changed a lot in the last 1500 years, but the ancient Benedictine rule has some good advice for anyone who wants more meaningful work: “Laborare est orare.”  Or, if your Latin is fuzzy, “to work is to

Healing Needed for the Heart and Soul of Health Care Financing

The heart and soul of any profession includes service, truth and consciousness. It’s hard to see that heart and soul today in the health insurance industry, while our country seeks a way out of the current health care financing mess.

Thank God for the Prophets of Late Night Comedy

The Bible and other sacred texts are filled with prophets who blow the whistle on danger, fraud, waste or abuse of power. Other prophets alert us to the good news of hope and possibility. Now that we finally have cable

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67 Years of Spiritual Impact on Society, Work and Money

The older I get, the more grateful I am for people whose individual choices have led to widespread movements of hope and creativity today. Much spiritual wisdom today comes from how people dealt with war, racism and other pain decades

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