Month: November 2009

Prayer for a Workday Monday Morning

Practicing spirituality at work isn’t the easiest thing to do sometimes — especially when life is full of joys and concerns that make it hard to focus on work.

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Got Discipline Problems for Spirit, Work or Money?

Discipline is a lot easier if you remember clearly who you are and what you really want.

When Work or Money Prospects Are Lousy

Sometimes being temporarily clueless is the right spiritual, financial and workplace practice.

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Kindness: the Best Workplace Spirituality Practice Ever

If you really want to bring more integrity, purpose and joy to work, follow the Dalai Lama, who often has said, “My religion is kindness.” Kindness includes so many wonderful things, like friendliness, pleasantness, generosity, and understanding.  Where kindness is

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“How to Thrive at Work without Selling Your Soul”

You want all your work and financial dealings to be done with integrity.  You want to thrive at work, not just stagger through stressful days, then limp home to the TV or other drug of choice.  You want all the

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