Month: April 2010

The Work of Our Life; The Life of Our Work

If you think of work as only the means to earning money, you’re missing work at its best — like work with meaning, work with joy, work that stretches your talents, engages your body and spirit as well as your mind, and sends you home inspired by deeper connections with other humans and the earth. And if you think of work as something that ends when the official workday ends or when you retire, you’re not considering how rich the work of our lives is.

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Let’s Preserve the Senior Citizen Generation Gap: Lifework Guest Post by Tom Ratcliff

Work to my Dad was his spiritual tonic. He was more in touch with Life when he was building or repairing something. He also enjoyed helping a neighbor, friend or even a stranger who wasn’t as skilled as him. Dad never, ever bragged about his accomplishments. He simply was a “doer” and not a talker. If something needed done he did it.

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What Ethical Entrepreneurs and Jobseekers Can Learn from Successful Bankrobbers

But what if you could turn the outrageousness of the bankrobbing strategies into a catalyst for absolutely ethical client-building or job-finding strategies? Here’s one set of tips you could discover with quick brainstorming questions.

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