Flow is what happens when we are fully involved in what we are doing.  We derive energy from this experience.  Our creativity heightens, and we feel a sense of fulfillment. Flow is the opposite of what happens when get stuck …

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Career confusion is one key sign that you need a true vision from your heart and soul. That means you need something more than a goal set by someone else or even a brilliant idea that you activate before you discern whether or not it matches your true needs, dreams or desires. You need a clear, compelling vision that’s anchored in current reality and leads you to your most fulfilling future.

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Many workplaces are run with less consciousness than a fifth-grade playground or an eight-grade lunchroom — but with way more power for the bullies and harassers.  At the least this can create havoc for employees and everyone they impact, from …

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According to our inner critics, we are not good enough, not smart enough, not accomplished enough, too old, too fat, etc. Sound familiar? I bet we could each add to this list. Amazing how that inner critic can get in …

Taming our Inner Critic By Guest Blogger Kimberly Weichel Read more »

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Earthquakes themselves kill very few people, despite popular movie images of the earth suddenly opening up huge crevices that swallow lots of people.  Poorly constructed buildings, however, routinely kill many people.  99% of those deaths are in poor countries, like …

Visionary Role Model: Elizabeth A. Hausler, Ph.D. and Build Change Read more »

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