Everyday Visioning

Everyday VisioningImagine that all your visionary potential in your DNA is the basis for a visionary operating system that is way more powerful than the operating system that unlocks the power of your computer.

Imagine that every moment this system easily helps you see new possibilities, new allies and resources that can dramatically improve the life of you and others.

Imagine that with practice, your visionary operating system works as naturally as your breathing and digestion do when you are healthy.  Thus, you are no longer overwhelmed with ideas or bereft of them.  You stop putting a lot of time and energy into ideas that just aren’t right for you.  Instead, you are constantly guided to work and live with integrity, purpose and joy.

Your visionary potential is way too valuable to used just for big questions like “What’s my vocation?” or “How can I support world peace?”  Your visionary ability is just as useful for daily questions like “How can I wisely deal with this stressful situation right now?”

Pat truly is a visionary. People come away feeling more innovative and resourceful themselves, because of how Pat serves them.” Carol Costello, author of The Soul of Selling

Pat Sullivan has a gift for helping people to clarifying their visions and find their deepest sense of purpose.  Through discussion, diagramming, visualization, and other exercises, she creates a sense of safety and exploration that is both playful and deep.  I highly recommend her. Judi Neal, founder, Association for Spirit and Work.

Indeed, as the life of  Albert Schweitzer suggests, the best way to see more clearly the big visions of your life is to make a daily habit of welcoming guidance moment to moment. That’s how a great visionary operating system develops over time.

This is also the way of the conscious entrepreneur, the artist, changemaker, or anyone who wants a richer life and more time to enjoy it. And it’s definitely the core of a growing movement to make all our dealings with work and money more meaningful, ethical and satisfying.

Here’s a simple way to start operating as a visionary, right now.  Read the article about what you can learn from visionary Albert Schweitzer and the one on “Finding Visions for Work and Life.”  Reflect on whatever sentence or paragraph from either article speaks to you, as you go about your daily life, and see what comes up for you.

When you’re ready, consider a visioning session for you or your group, call us at 510-530-0284 or write pat@visionary-resources.com.

The original picture above of Pat’s Visioning Room was painted by Marcia Alpert. www.marciaalpert.com

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