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What Ethical Entrepreneurs and Jobseekers Can Learn from Successful Bankrobbers

But what if you could turn the outrageousness of the bankrobbing strategies into a catalyst for absolutely ethical client-building or job-finding strategies? Here’s one set of tips you could discover with quick brainstorming questions.

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True Love of Money Is the Root of Many Blessings

“The love of money is the root of all evil.” What if that ubiquitous saying is flat-out wrong? What if, instead, true love of money returns many benefits spiritual and material, including a more sane, kind and profitable economy for

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It’s never too late to Be What You Might Have Been.” This quote by George Eliot could inspire the perfect affirmative prayer for your life.  Some suggestions: Now is the perfect time to reclaim an old dream. Now is the

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Spirit + Money + Work = Recipe for True Abundance

Spirit and work are meant for each other. Whether spirit comes from the religion you share with family and friends or from your own wondering, spirit provides a guide to purpose and the motivation to follow it. Spirit’s the generator

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Disavowing Poverty

Disavowing Poverty Vows You may never have taken formal, witnessed poverty vows as my husband John did at the age of 19 while he was in a Roman Catholic religious order, but it’s highly likely that you’ve taken some vows

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