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How to Protect Yourself from Workplace Bullies and Harassers

Many workplaces are run with less consciousness than a fifth-grade playground or an eight-grade lunchroom — but with way more power for the bullies and harassers.  At the least this can create havoc for employees and everyone they impact, from

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6 Questions That Can Turn Any Financial or Work Problem Into an Opportunity

Whatever your problem around money, work (or anything else for that matter), six simple questions can help you discover a satisfying solution. The solution may not always come quickly, but it will be rich. Here are the questions:

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Disavowing Poverty

Disavowing Poverty Vows You may never have taken formal, witnessed poverty vows as my husband John did at the age of 19 while he was in a Roman Catholic religious order, but it’s highly likely that you’ve taken some vows

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