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When Work or Money Prospects Are Lousy

Sometimes being temporarily clueless is the right spiritual, financial and workplace practice.

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All faiths are rich in wisdom for money and work — Part 1

The world’s religions are filled with practical spirituality on how to earn, spend, save, invest and share money. There’s abundant ancient and ever-new wisdom for how to work with less stress and more meaning … how your workplace can be a center of peace and compassion — not fraud, waste or abuse. And more. Much, much more.

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Needed: Quiet, Truthful Wisdom for Work and Money in a Noisy, Divisive World

Do you ever feel called to say something and don’t know exactly what it is? Or wish someone else would say that something that could cut through anything from confusion and fear-mongering or overwhelm to a quiet truth? A truth

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Quick Spiritual Makeover for Dreadful Jobs (or Lack Thereof)

With spirit, you can make over any stressful task into one that’s less stressful and more likely to lead to satisfying results or yourself and others.

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67 Years of Spiritual Impact on Society, Work and Money

The older I get, the more grateful I am for people whose individual choices have led to widespread movements of hope and creativity today. Much spiritual wisdom today comes from how people dealt with war, racism and other pain decades

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Daring to Dream a Better Economy

Daring to Dream a New Economy When Right Now Things May Be Awful Right now, people I know are really hurting financially. Here are some examples, all with changed names.

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